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I purchased a house in Las Vegas, built in 1969, last July, and since then have spent almost $12,000 replacing corroded pipes in both bathrooms. The house was "flipped," and it's clear the seller knew the pipes were in bad shape, because they lasted less than two weeks before we began to see problems (they rebuilt the bathrooms and kitchen... earlier pictures before their remodel show rusted pipes and walls open, so there's no way they could have missed it). I've just been informed that the kitchen sink pipe is now backing up, and will cost about $7000-8000 to have it rerouted to the sewer line. I'm running out of money and have no idea what to expect next. The pipes are cast iron, which I understand last approximately 50 years. Does anyone know if home insurance covers this? With both bathrooms finished, I'm wondering just what to expect next after redoing the kitchen.. from what I understand the clay in the soil is corroding pipes that are underground more than they are within the structure of the house itself. This has become a nightmare. I'm in the process of suing the seller in Small Claims Court because I can't afford an attorney, but the most I can expect if I win the case would be $10,000. I can't sell the house knowing it has these problems.
Category: Plumber Post By: ELIZABETH JONES (Irvine, CA), 08/03/2016

most ins. companies cover it, depends on yur policy

- ANGELA PEREZ (Edinburg, TX), 09/03/2017

Sorry to hear of your bad situation. Unfortunately, you are working with a bad plumbing company too. Pricing is WAY high. Get multiple quotes!

- Kyle Compton (Orem, UT), 09/05/2017

Is your home on a slab? Have you gotten other quotes to do the work? Where i work ( even with busting up the floor) would not have charged nearly that much

- GABRIEL NORRIS (Blacksburg, VA), 09/24/2017

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