Forum Title: Dresser Coupling for inaccessible water line
I have an outside faucet that comes out of the base of my house by about 4". I couldn't take the faucet apart due to about 40 years of corrosion. I decided to cut the pipe which is a 1/2" iron pipe. I tried to re-thread it, but the pipe was no longer round, probably crushed by a previous pipe wrench. The threader wouldn't go on the crushed end. I know the best thing to do is to go under the house and re-dress a good section of pipe. However, it runs through an inaccessible portion of the floor and would probably require ripping up the interior floor to reach it. At the moment, I am using a dresser coupling for a temporary repair. It works fine, with no leaks, so do you think this could be a permanent repair or should I think about tearing out my floor to do this right, or maybe this requires the services of a pro? One other thought, is it possible to un-crush the end of the pipe so the threader goes over it.
Category: Plumber Post By: CASEY HARDY (San Bernardino, CA), 06/07/2017

It's is not possible to uncrush the pipe it will just become worse and the dresser coupling is a good permanent fix you don't want to vibrate that pipe too much in anyway due too it's age and any loose particles will become lodged elsewhere and you will have a whole other set of problems to deal with if its unfinished and it's not leaking I'd say leave it the way it is

- HOLLY STANLEY (Lompoc, CA), 09/09/2017

dressor coupling will come off around 2 am. a dressor is a repair fitting that normally, is installed in the middle of a run of pipe. the 2 pipes are inmobile and the dressor will stay put. if you use it on the end of a pipe run, sooner or later, it WILL pop off the end of the pipe. this always happens either, when your not home, in the middle of the night, or, after you just put a tux on to go to your brothers wedding

- LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 09/19/2017

No truer words have been posted here. Ask me how I know...

- BILLY DIAZ (Carson, CA), 10/08/2017

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