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My Subdivision has historically low water pressure and very hard mineralized water. All of my neighbors have booster pumps and water softeners. My house pressure is about 28-38 psi., with no pressure reducer. My project will be done with PEX Blue Hawk, push together plumbing, 3/4 inch. The recommended/purchased list of items for my project is: Whole house filter - Whirlpool large capacity Water Softener - Whirlpool 44K Booster Pump - Pacific Hydrostar with 25/65 presets 1- Is this the correct order to place the items? 2- Do I need a pressure tank? Many of my neighbors do not have one. 3- I am told that the pump needs a pressure reducer and a check valve, but which goes before and which goes after the pump? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: STANLEY REYNOLDS (Baton Rouge, LA), 02/13/2016

low pressure sucks my suggestion is run 1'' pvc sch 40 pipe from the meter to the house. at the house, install a ball valve in a valve box below grade. on the house side of the valve, tie in 1'' pex and run it into your house run a 1'' line straight to the w/h branch off with 1'' to each bathroom reduce to 3/4 in the bathrooms. i would not run 1/2'' pex to anything. but would use a 3/4x1/2 reducer at the copper stub outs why? research the ID of 1'' pvc sch 40 research the ID of pex you will find that 3/4 pex is 3/4 OD not ID bottom line, you are having pressure problems, you want as much VOLUME of water as you can get so go with a bigger line, to get the volume

- KIM LARSON (Commerce City, CO), 09/27/2017

Pay close attention to frodo's recommendation on PEX size. To maintain 3/4 distribution with PEX, you need to go one size over (1 - reduced internal diameter) over PE/PVC/COPPER supply.

- YOLANDA ORTEGA (Carlsbad, CA), 10/04/2017

My subdivision owns it's own well and gravity feed storage tank. No meters, free water - but bad pressure to all 132 homes. Supply water line is 3/4 inch, buried 6 ft down (it gets cold in the Colorado mountains), so I'm not going to get more water volume. I just have a 3/4 inch line coming into the house. My neighbors have many variations of my planned project, and they mostly work well. I'm using 3/4 inch PEX throughout and will be replacing old pipe as I go - but supplied pressure is too low! ~32 PSI. Home is 40+ years old.

- JOYCE TURNER (Bryan, TX), 10/14/2017

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