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Hello I need some help in turning off the water for my house to perform a small upgrade. There are 2 floors and separate apartments but the water is shared for everyone. There is a shared meter. The meter on the picture stupidly built into the wall and the valve on it does nothing so I assume that is not even the main meter. I uploaded some pictures of my basement, its a mess down there. There is this huge oil radiator thingy but I am not sure if this heats up the water for the tap/shower or only the oil for the radiators which is circulated in the building. I cannot find the main meters anywhere either which would probably have a valve before them to make them possible to repair. Any clues? Where should I be looking for the main cold water tap? NEW PICTURES ------------------------- I have tried the 2 rusty (black and red valves up there) made no difference in cold or hot water. If they control the hot it might be the case that the boiler buffers water in that white tank on one of the pictures but all I need is just the regular cold water. I don't see a reason why that would go through that big red boiler. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: THOMAS WILSON (Spokane, WA), 01/24/2017

I don't think that is the main water valve. As I said there is a separate oil hearing system installed there, this is what that big red boiler is. What's not clear to me is: is this big boiler used for both systems (the oil radiator) + drinking/showering hot water or not? I see 2 meters on that both showing plus temperatures.

- PHILLIP FOSTER (Hoover, AL), 09/15/2017

the piping is insulated, makes me think its a water line i do not know, not enough information, back up take a picture of the piping in the system

- NINA HARDY (Macon, GA), 09/17/2017

3rd picture shows 2 blue handle's turn blue handle 90 degrees.

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Hickory, NC), 10/14/2017

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