Forum Title: Overflowing Laundry Drain
Hi, I have an older home with a 1.5" laundry drain that frequently overflows. I'm pretty sure the drain itself is fine- it's just not equipped to handle the flow pumped out of today's washers. The drain is conveniently located near a bathtub and a kitchen sink drain. I had a (probably bad) idea to tie the laundry drain into one or both of these drains to expand the laundry drain's capacity. I would also expand the washer standpipe to 2" or 3". I thought with this setup I might be able to avoid digging up the floor to perform a proper expansion. Could this work? Would it in any way be able to hold up to code? Other suggestions welcome. Thanks! Cody
Category: Plumber Post By: BERNICE BANKS (Modesto, CA), 02/21/2017

pull the washers flex hose out of the stand pipe, using a tape measure, slowly, feed the tape down the pipe till it hits the fitting. you will be able, to feel if the fitting is a 90 or a ptrap by the amount of resistance on thhe tape measure old country boy trick

- brent hartwick (Roanoke, VA), 09/15/2017

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately my utility room has no space for a laundry tub. I pulled back some more of the drywall today and saw that the standpipe goes straight down into the foundation, leaving me a little puzzled as to where the trap and vent may be (if they do exist at all). Think I may just call a plumber to get sorted...

- TYRONE MCCARTHY (Brooklyn Park, MN), 09/19/2017

I think a laundry tub installed to accept the flow will get you away from having to go to a 2in drain (grandfathering).

- JEAN MURPHY (Chelsea, MA), 10/11/2017

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