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Hi, I live in an area of Los Angeles with very high water pressure, so all of the homes in my area have water pressure regulators installed. They normally last 2-3 years, so my plumber just replaced mine last week after the relief valve started leaking. A couple of days later I noticed high pressure again and my plumber confirmed it with his pressure gauge and swapped it out, saying that on occasion, a unit is defective. I attached a photo of the new regulator and relief valve (on left). Today, the pressure is very high again (shower/faucet/toilet flush) and the relief valve is leaking! I left a message for my plumber, but I doubt that he can get parts on a Sunday. I've lived in this house for 15 years and whenever I had the regulator replaced in the past, there were never any issues for a couple of years. Other than a faulty regulator (again!), is there anything else that could be causing this? Thanks in advance! Bonnie
Category: Plumber Post By: HARVEY STEELE (Mobile, AL), 08/19/2017

Do you have a thermal expansion tank on the heater? If you don't that is what is causing your problem.

- NORMAN LAWRENCE (Apple Valley, CA), 09/06/2017

I have an update (still waiting to hear back from my plumber). I read online that a faulty water heater or thermal pressure relief valve can cause the symptoms that I'm having. My water heater is 11 years old and the thermal relief valve is near the top, with a pipe that drains out into the dirt in the front walkway. I lifted it up and lots of water drains to the front. Should I call the home warranty company to see if the valve or water heater needs to be replaced? Thanks, Bonnie

- VERONICA FIELDS (Bullhead City, AZ), 09/12/2017

One was never installed. What do you recommend? Having one installed on top of the water heater, or getting a new water heater with one? Thanks again!

- TARA LOWE (Beaverton, OR), 09/15/2017

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