Forum Title: What type of fitting is this? How do I tighten it so it stops leaking?
Hello, I just bought a used RV and found a few of the fittings to be leaking water. Most look like typical pex ring fittings, but I'm not sure how these large copper ones work? how do i tighten them to stop leaking. I am not a plumber so forgive me for my naivety on the topic. thanks in advance.
Category: Plumber Post By: IDA HOPKINS (Oxnard, CA), 07/02/2016

They are shark bite couplings if they are leaking the o-ring inside might be torn or pipe is not pushed in all the way. Cheap handyman repair. I would remove and do proper fix

- ANDY FITZGERALD (Westfield, MA), 09/17/2017

BTW, NOT Sharkbite brand. Off brands such as these fail at an alarmingly high rate. It seems the RV's previous owner or someone they trusted, claims to know plumin' but does not have a clue. Oh boy.

- MONICA LYNCH (Fall River, MA), 09/27/2017

Nothing to tighten there. Cut out and replace.

- VALERIE BURTON (Flower Mound, TX), 10/11/2017

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